Value Creation for Portfolio

Is your portfolio company spending capital wisely to better serve customers and grow in 2021? A strategic, high growth CFO provides valuable, accurate, and timely reporting, so the business has the full confidence of its customers, investors, and talent to enable predictable growth and global go-to market success.

Financial Strategy & Planning

We invest time to understand the needs of a portfolio company. This includes creating an operating model which tracks where every cent of capital is invested, resulting in alignment between the financial budget and go-to market strategy. By guiding the team to measure and track working capital, proven as well as experimental growth across each function within a business, we provide investors confidence in the reporting and continued conviction in their investment.

Growth Capital Advisory

The software businesses and entrepreneurs we work with require financial capital beyond paying customers in order to build a global industry leader. We provide independent advice on all forms of financial capital to support an efficient fundraise that avoids common mistakes, so investors can focus on guiding the business on key strategic decisions.

Shareholder Management

It can be challenging to manage multiple Boards while also searching for new investment opportunities across many markets. We support efficient and functional Boards by introducing seasoned operators and industry experts who can be hands-on inside the business in between Board meetings. By guiding founders to effectively communicate with investors, the business reports on what really matters resulting in greater transparency and Board governance.

“In order to forecast accurately, a startup needs to separate working capital, proven growth, and experimental growth very clearly and early on. This is the only way to build a predictable, recurring SaaS business.”

Scaleup InvestorUK

“Our term sheet includes the hiring of a CFO. Having a strong CFO who can deliver metrics upon request and Board materials on time is strongly correlated to whether the business and our investment will be successful.”

Growth InvestorThe Netherlands

“We want someone who can act as a sparring partner to the CEO, someone who really understands VCs and what they’re looking for during the fundraise.”

Startup InvestorFinland

“Whenever I ask for ad hoc reporting, it always takes forever – up to a week and sometimes longer. This makes me question whether the company is making data-driven strategic decisions.”

Scaleup InvestorDenmark