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Europe breeds high growth technology companies that have a long lasting market impact.

B2B software businesses require hands-on support from entrepreneurs who have been on all sides of the table and have 100% skin in the game.

We support European B2B software startups of 20 to 100 FTEs achieve global go-to market success through strategic financial design.

Our loyalty first and always is to the business and its founders.

By prioritizing financial design, a startup creates the most value for all shareholders today and in the future. This requires equal emphasis on both the science and art of scaling to predictable growth.

Enabling predictable growth and global go-to market success for European B2B software startups.

Value Creation

A strategic, high growth CFO guides visionary startups towards predictable growth and enables global go-to market success. This requires creating and implementing a financial roadmap that aligns the interests of all key shareholders – founders, investors, and customers.

Financial Strategy & Planning

Productizing the commercial engine of B2B software startups to enable scaling and predictable growth.

Growth Capital Advisory

Independent support for an efficient fundraise with the right long-term financial partners onboard.

Shareholder Management

Maximizing value creation on and off the Board with experienced growth operators and through effective investor communication.

→ for Founders

→ for Investors


Joyce Mackenzie Liu is the Founder of Pegafund. She is excited by talented and global-minded software entrepreneurs and their businesses.

Joyce has been working at the intersection of Financial Services and Technology since 2007. Over the past 8 years, she has been an advisor, investor, and board member of European and US B2B software companies.

Prior to Pegafund, she was a venture and early growth investor at Columbia Lake Partners, a Bessemer-backed European debt fund, and Dawn Capital, London-based B2B Software and FinTech equity fund. Before moving across the Atlantic, Joyce worked as a late growth and buyout credit investor at Ares Capital (NASDAQ: ARCC) in Los Angeles and investment banker at J.P. Morgan (NYSE: JPM) in New York.

The path to success is a bumpy ride where judgment and time are the most valuable resources.

Pegafund is supported by an advisory team of seasoned operators and industry experts who have lived through the journeys of global B2B software businesses from startup to public company. We understand that entrepreneurs are incredibly busy serving customers, attracting talent, and enhancing product. Financial design is an afterthought, often prioritized too late.

Having been there before, we immediately ‘roll up our sleeves’ and support the business towards achieving predictable growth and global go-to market success.



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